How to Get Help With Your Hearing Without Leaving the House

Meghna June 14, 2021

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The pandemic has forced the audiology industry to adapt to people’s shifting preferences for home-based services, and now it’s possible to address your hearing needs from the comfort of your home. This is especially useful for people who are disabled, live in remote areas, as well as those who lead busy lives and could do without the commute. Here are our expert tips on how you can benefit from professional help without leaving the house:

Remote Device Finetuning and Troubleshooting

Many clinics part of the HAC network offer remote care, i.e., hearing professionals will be able to adjust your hearing aid’s settings or finetune it in line with your preferences from miles away.

Remote care can in fact be more useful than a trip to a clinic in some cases. By addressing your needs as you go about your daily life, an audiologist is able identify what soundscapes bother you the most. This gives them a better insight into your hearing needs since they’re learning about your issues in real-time, and not afterwards when you recount your troubles at a clinic. Remote care can often result in quicker and more precise feedback and follow-up.

Online Hearing Assessment

Many people who begin experiencing issues with their hearing often hold back from getting a hearing test because they couldn’t be bothered with the logistics of finding a clinic, enquiring into possible practicalities like costs, and setting up an appointment. Thankfully, many hearing tests are available free of cost and can be done digitally.

While some tests involve a series of questions about your hearing health, others involve web-conferencing with an audiologist. Either way, you’ll be directed to a suitable hearing solution, like a hearing aid for instance.

Find FREE Remote Hearing-Related Services Near You

At Hearing Aid Clinics, our mission is to empower hearing-impaired people by connecting them with auditory incentives available near them. You can benefit from a free hearing test near you – rest assured that quite a few of our partner clinics let you choose between in-person and digital assessments. You’ll then have the option to try appropriate hearing solutions recommended to you without any risk.

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