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Frequently asked questions

Can anyone get a free hearing test?
  • Contrary to popular belief, a hearing test isn’t just meant for seniors experiencing deteriorating hearing. What can you get from doing a free hearing test? While you might believe that your hearing is on par with those around you, a test could reveal something very different. A hearing test catches on to early warning signs and symptoms that might very well escape your notice because they are so subtle. In any case, a hearing test is a useful reference for your future hearing health. Who “qualifies” for a hearing test is not so much a concern.


  • While there is no specific age for a hearing test, it is highly recommended that people above the age of 50 get an assessment to rule out any cause for worry, for their own, and their family’s mental peace.
  • Getting a free hearing test done is also very easy. You can either do the test in-person at one of our 1000+ partner locations near you or online on your computer from the comfort of your home. All you’ll need is an internet connection and headphones. Some of our partners offer quick 5-minute online hearing tests while others offer a teleconsultation with an audiologist over a web conferencing platform.
What happens after the hearing test?
  • The results of the hearing test are plotted on a graph called an audiogram. An online audiogram will also be sent your way for future reference.


  • A specialist will interpret the hearing test, explain it to you in simple terms, and then recommend hearing solutions based on your needs, lifestyle, and preferences.


  • If the audiologist finds that the problem lies beyond the purview of hearing loss, then they might refer you to an ENT or Ear, Nose, Throat specialist who will conduct a more in-depth exam to root out any underlying medical condition.
What are the benefits of a hearing test for seniors or veterans?
  • Our partner clinics offer hearing tests that are absolutely free! Following the test, the hearing specialist will draw up an audiogram and a referral that might help with cutting costs and availing benefits in the future. For instance, if they recommend you use a hearing aid, their referral could help you get a better deal.


  • Several government programs and subsidies can cover the costs of hearing aids and/or required treatment fully or in part if you meet a certain age criterion.


  • In the case of veterans, an audiologist could chalk out whether you qualify for the VA health benefits following the hearing test. The Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) offers paid-in-full hearing aids if you meet certain criteria.


  • Aside from checking for hearing loss, a free hearing test is also recommended to check up on your general ear health. For instance, it could be that there is too much earwax in your ear, which can subsequently cause ear pain and dizziness. Perhaps you’ve been using cotton swabs which push earwax further into the ear. It’s best to have an audiologist clean your ear with professional tools.


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