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We’ll find the best free hearing test conveniently situated near you. Whether you’re looking for an in-person test at a clinic, a home visit, or a teleconsultation from the comfort of your home, we’ve got you covered!

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Why Hearing Aid Clinics?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do my hearing test from home if I do not want to go into a clinic?

Many of our 1000+ partner locations provide the option of a free online consultation. All you’ll need is a pair of headphones and a quiet environment for the most accurate results. We recommend doing the hearing test with headphones and not speakers since the former will test your hearing from left to right in both ears during your consultation with an audiologist. The audiologist will ask you a series of questions about your hearing health over a web conferencing platform, after which you’ll answer a questionnaire, during which you’ll hear sounds of varying frequencies. A hearing test can often be done in just under 5 minutes!

It’s also possible to have an audiologist visit you so that you can do your free hearing test from the comfort of your own home. Our hearing specialists will carry the latest equipment with them, so no prior setup is necessary.

Beyond the hearing test itself, many of our partners also offer a home-based follow-up through a remote care service i.e. after you’ve been fitted with the recommended hearing solution, our specialists can remotely fine-tune your device and its settings as and when you need it.

Of course, you can also always go into the nearest clinic for your hearing test. You can either book an appointment in advance or just walk into a center near you.  Rest assured that the strictest health and hygiene protocols have been implemented to ensure your safety, as well as the safety of all our hearing health professionals.

Do I have to meet a certain age criterion to do a hearing test?

Contrary to popular belief, hearing loss can creep up at any age. It might initially manifest as, for instance, the inability to pick up on certain tones. However, hearing can rapidly deteriorate to the point that one isn’t able to follow a conversation. The purpose of a hearing test is to catch on to subtle warning signs so that they can be remedied early on. It is advisable to get a hearing test done even if you are confident that your hearing is at par with that of your contemporaries because the test results might reveal something different.


If you’re already experiencing mild hearing loss, it’s a good idea to get a free hearing test to rule out more severe problems. For instance, a hearing test can identify tinnitus – a condition that manifests as ringing, buzzing, humming, hissing, or even roaring – which is a symptom of a deeper underlying condition such as an ear injury or circulatory system disorder.

Will my hearing test results be easily understood by me?

The results of your hearing test will be plotted onto a graph called an audiogram. Not to worry – you won’t be caught off guard by complex graphs and numbers muddily clumped together. Reading a hearing test is actually quite simple, but better still, a hearing health professional will interpret the results for you and suggest a suitable course of action. For instance, they may recommend specific devices depending on your hearing needs, lifestyle, and preferences.


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