Finally, Face Masks That Guarantee Your Hearing Aid’s Safety!

Meghna December 8, 2020

If you wear a hearing aid, you know that face masks have made life difficult. Specifically, those who wear behind-the-ear hearing aids are struggling, since the device component that rests behind the ear often gets tangled, and even lost, when users remove their face masks.

Thankfully, there are masks out there that can keep your hearing aid from falling out!

But first, what if you’ve already lost your device? Don’t panic! Contact your hearing aid provider. Your hearing aid may have a warranty which can be found using the device serial number.

To keep your hearing aid securely fitted in your ear, you can opt for one of these 5 different kinds of face masks:

  1. Behind-The-Head Face Mask

Unlike standard face masks that go over the ears, these masks have four straps that can be knotted at the back of your head, keeping your hearing aid securely in place.

2. Strap Extenders

Strap extenders are great especially for when you’re in environments where you’re not at liberty to use your own masks.
They’ll keep the straps of the mask well away from your ears, so that even when you remove it, it won’t tangle with your hearing aid.

3. Face Masks for People with Glasses

A DIY hack that’s been going viral involves attaching a button to the frame of your spectacles to hold the straps of the mask in place.
Simply thread an elastic band through the buttonholes and tie it around the temple tips of your spectacles.

4. Face Masks with Headbands

You can also get creative (and stylish!) with masks that come with headbands with stitched-in buttons that you can attach your mask to. These bands cover your ear, keeping your hearing aid securely fastened, even when you remove your mask.

5. Get Creative!

A great DIY solution to keep your mask away from your ears involves sewing two buttons onto a piece of ribbon. Place the ribbon at the back of your head and attach the mask’s elastic to the button.

Another alternative involves tying your hair up in a bun if its long enough, and wrapping the mask’s elastic around the bun to avoid touching your ears or your hearing aid.

Whether face masks have been making your ears sore, or you’ve had one too many panic-stricken days hunting down a lost hearing aid, here’s to better days with these hearing-friendly face masks!

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