Expert Tip: Test a Hearing Aid For a Short While Before You Wear It

Joeri May 27, 2021

Let me guess – you don’t want to wear a hearing aid because you think it’s big, beige and bulky…like an animate prosthetic softly whispering “you’re old” every time you put it on. The truth is that contemporary models are sleek, stylish and nearly invisible to the onlooker – many of them sit snugly inside the ear canal. But don’t believe me when I say this, test a hearing aid for yourself before you consider wearing one.

A lot of people are hesitant to give hearing aids a shot because they’re afraid they’ll get permanently stuck with a device that’s uncomfortable, offers more dissonance than clarity and causes people to react to them differently. Worse, they’re afraid they’ll spend hundreds on something that they just won’t use. Unfortunately, most people aren’t aware that many hearing providers routinely offer devices on trial. These trials enable people to try appropriate hearing solutions recommended to them for a few days or weeks after which they can take a call for themselves.  

The best part is that many providers also provide free hearing tests before they recommend a device for you to try. You can of course also consult with the audiologist in terms of your preferences, lifestyle, and hearing needs when they’re picking out a hearing aid appropriate for you.

Free hearing tests and a device trials can reduce a person’s resistance to acquiring professional help. They can also change outdated perceptions when it comes to hearing solutions. Hearing Aid Clinics was started to elicit precisely this shift in attitudes. By connecting people with incentives like free hearing tests and risk-free device trials near them, HAC hopes to empower the general public through greater access to auditory health services.

Test a hearing aid for yourself and find a device trial near you!

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