Busting Myths Surrounding Hearing Loss

Meghna June 24, 2021

#1 Hearing loss only afflicts older people

While it is true that hearing loss is commonly induced by the natural process of aging due to changes in the inner ear, younger people are also at risk if they don’t take proper precautions. Damage to the ear induced by noise at a loud concert, or due to working or living near a construction site, are some potential threats. Sudden sensorineural hearing loss can also occur due to an uncontrolled viral infection in the ear.

Most people wait at average of 7 years before the hearing worsens to the point that they can’t ignore it. That’s why it is vital to take advantage of incentives and book a free hearing test near you as soon as you start to suspect hearing loss to contain the problem as soon as it arises.

#2 Hearing loss and its effects can’t be corrected and you “just have to live with it” 

A lot of people believe that hearing loss is just something that they have to deal with, especially as they get older, but this is a dangerous belief. Hearing loss can worsen very quickly if it is not addressed at the outset, and by waiting until you’re in total distress isn’t going to work in your favour.

Solutions like hearing aids can improve the quality of your life considerably. During your free hearing evaluation, an expert audiologist will account for your preferences and hearing needs while picking out a device for you to try without obligation.    

#3 Hearing loss is an isolated condition that won’t affect the rest of my health

Besides the obvious psychological side-effects of hearing loss such as depression, isolation and low self-esteem, hearing loss can have some devastating effects on your physical health if it is not controlled early on through the use of a hearing aid for instance. Some of these effects include increased blood pressure, stomach problems, vertigo, headaches and impaired memory.

#4 Auditory health services are too expensive

Most people are reluctant to seek help when their hearing start to deteriorate either because they’re not motivated to find a clinic near them and book a hearing test, or because they’re afraid of high costs. This is precisely why hearing experts around the world joined forces through Hearing Aid Clinics – to provide hearing-impaired people with greater access to incentives such as free hearing tests and hearing aid trials near them.

Device trials are especially great for people who think that they’ll waste hundreds on a solution they won’t use. Trying a device without risk for a certain amount of time lets you assess for yourself whether or not it’s right for you for the long haul. 

#5 I don’t need hearing aids because I can hear mostly fine  

By delaying getting a free hearing test and wearing a hearing aid or getting counselled by an audiologist, you’ll damage your hearing further and perhaps to the point that you cannot hear anymore. Remember that while you may have only just noticed your hearing loss because you now notice you can’t hear certain sounds, it’s perhaps been building for a good while already. Hearing loss creeps up slowly and surreptitiously – don’t wait till it gets noticeable and pick up on the early warning signs now itself.

#5 Hearing aids are bulky, beige, ugly and make people feel self-conscious

People have this idea that hearing aids are ugly devices that would interfere with their social perception. But most contemporary models today are sleek, comfortable and discreet to the point that that they are essentially invisible to an onlooker. This is because many in-ear hearing aids si comfortably in the ear canal. Many of them adjust the sound balance as you move around during the day, and also use AI to learn more about your habits and preferences. Hearing aids today are nifty, and so it’s time you try a device at no cost after a free hearing test at an audiologist in you vicinity.

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