Author: Meghna

Finally, Face Masks That Guarantee Your Hearing Aid’s Safety!
Meghna December 8, 2020
If you wear a hearing aid, you know that face masks have made life difficult. Specifically, those who wear behind-the-ear hearing aids are struggling, since the device component that rests behind the ear often gets tangled, and even lost, when users remove their face masks. Thankfully, the...
What is Tinnitus and Why Should I get a Hearing Test to Check for it?
Meghna December 3, 2020
That ringing in your ears…that nobody else can hear, but you hear all the time – that’s tinnitus. Everyone’s experienced temporary tinnitus at some point, say when you come back home from a loud concert, but persistent tinnitus should be checked up by a hearing professional immediately. What i...
Normal hearing test results by age
Meghna September 25, 2020
According to the medical journal American Physician, hearing loss on average affects at least 25% of adults over the age of 50, and more than 50% of those older than 80 years. Experts recommend that adults get their hearing tested every 10 years until age 50, and then every 3 years after that. ...