How to Assess Your Hearing at Home

Karl October 2, 2020

Can a hearing test be done at home? Absolutely! You can always test your hearing from the comfort of your four walls if you do not want to visit an audiologist in-person at a clinic near you. We’ll take you through 3 different options you can exercise.

1. Teleconsultation using a hearing test kit

You can always choose to set up a teleconsultation with an audiologist near you. All you’ll need is a computer, a web conferencing platform on this device (like Zoom or MS Teams), and a pair of calibrated earphones with assorted tips. You can of course use a regular pair of headphones but the earphones in the kit will deliver more accurate results. You can check with one of our 1000+ partner locations near you if there’s the possibility to either purchase this kit so that you can test your hearing regularly or get it for free and then send it back within 30 days using the pre-paid return label and mailer. During the teleconsultation, the audiologist will ask you a series of questions about your hearing health and conduct a test where you’ll be exposed to sounds at different frequencies.

2. Hearing test online

You can easily do a hearing test online from the comfort of your home should you not want to visit a clinic near you. Online tests take just about 5 minutes. All you’ll need is a computer, an internet connection, and a pair of headphones. Make sure you sit in a quiet environment for the most accurate results. We recommend headphones over speakers since the former will test your hearing from left to right in both ears.

It’s perhaps better to visit an audiologist at one of our 1000+ clinics near you in cases of severe hearing loss for the most accurate results. In case the audiologist’s assessment finds that your problem lies beyond the purview of hearing loss, they may refer you to an ENT specialist.

3. Home visit

An audiologist near you at one of our 1000+ partner locations may also offer to visit you at home to conduct your hearing test. A home visit is a great option if you’d rather organize a private hearing test than go into a clinic. Our audiologists will carry the latest computerized equipment with them, so you don’t need to worry about setting up anything in advance. Our specialists will support you in every which way and chart out a course of action to redress your hearing loss problems.

Hearing test follow up

Once your hearing has been thoroughly evaluated, our specialists will recommend hearing solutions that suit your needs, lifestyle, and preferences. They’ll take great care to only suggest hearing aid models that really satisfy you. What’s great is that once you’ve been fitted with the required device, our audiologists can easily fine-tune the hearing aid remotely and adjust the settings as and when required by you through a remote care service.

Aside from checking for hearing loss, a free hearing test is also recommended to check up on your general ear health. For instance, it could be that there is too much earwax in your ear, which can subsequently cause ear pain and dizziness. Perhaps you’ve been using cotton swabs which push earwax further into the ear. Following the hearing test, the audiologist can clean your ears using professional tools.

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